Olympic organisers have announced chemical company Dow has agreed to fund and make the fabric wrap around the Olympic Stadium.

The wrap was conceived by architects as the final touch to the 80,000-seater venue but was dropped to help save £7m from the construction costs. The deal means Dow, the world's second largest chemical manufacturer, will be allowed to advertise on the 336 panels until a month before the Games open next year.

Each panel is 25m high and 2.5m wide and made of lightweight polyester fabric with a low-density polyethylene coating – requiring fewer raw materials to manufacture. It will also be up to 35 percent lighter and have a lower carbon footprint compared to conventional materials.

LOCOG chair Sebastian Coe said: “The stadium will look spectacular at Games time and having the wrap is the icing on the cake. I’m delighted that Dow, as one of the newer worldwide partners of the Olympic Movement, will be providing it and importantly doing it in a sustainable way.

"It reflects our vision and is a real statement of intent from Dow about their commitment to the Games,” he added. The stadium will host athletics as well as the opening and closing ceremonies which is due to kick off in less than a year.

George Hamilton, vice president of Dow Olympic Operations, said: “We’re providing this wrap as a sustainable solution for the Games and we look forward to celebrating its completion with Olympic fans around the world.”

Image courtesy of www.london2012.com.


Posted on 05/08/2011