Development plans for York's new community stadium have hit a snag after it was revealed that the funding for the project could be jeopardised by time-scales.

The project team behind the new stadium development, which would see both York City FC and York City Knights RLC ground sharing, have not ruled out options to build the new venue on the ground of either Bootham Crescent or Huntingdon Stadium.

Tim Atkins, Project Manager is confident that the developments will go ahead after a a time-scale is agreed with local authorities and funding is in place.

The cost of the project could range from £8 million to £32 million depending on the time-scale but Atkins insists that funding from sport’s national governing bodies, Yorkshire Forward and Sport England are available.

“It is currently too early in the project to either make bids or secure funding,” Atkins said.

“Many of the potential funds identified run to specific time frames which do not align with the current timetable.

“The feasibility work has identified an opportunity to lever-in significant funds from commercial development.

“This may provide the funding required to deliver the stadium, the wider community benefits and the future of the city’s professional sports clubs.”

Posted on 06/02/2010