Burnley Football Club has revealed ambitious plans to redevelop Turf Moor and also build England’s first football university.

The proposed new stand will be England’s first StadiArena, a facility to house exhibitions, rock concerts and conferences 365 days a year.

The club hope to build on promotion to the Premier League by ambitiously reinvesting in the local community.

The proposed university will be situated next to the stadium and offer courses based on the everyday running of the club, including commercial activities, catering and stadium design.

Burnley Chief Executive Paul Fletcher MBE said: “We have done research on this and we are convinced it would it work. We still have more to do, like speaking to existing universities and the new campus that has recently opened, but we think it is a great idea and is worth pursuing.”

The university would be built on the existing Burnley Cricket Club, adjacent to Turf Moor and would see the cricket club relocate to a new-state-of-the-art facility in Towneley Park.

Fletcher believes the university will be a unique facility offering unique studies and dismisses it as a centre for footballers to learn the beautiful game.

He said: “It is a university to study every face of the business side of the biggest sports industry in the world. The courses would cover just about everything that is nothing to do with kicking a ball!

“I am always being asked ‘how does my son become a commercial manager, a sponsorship executive or a stadium manager?’ This would hopefully answer those question and many more.”

Fletcher admits the plans could take up to three years to complete and added: “As a town we have to pull together to see if it can happen because it is a win-win situation.

“The cricket club gets a brand new ground and the opportunity to be a profitable club in a beautiful location. The football club gets a new stand that isn’t compromised and can be used seven days a week.

“The town wins because it gets a new university and the impact of that is massive.”

Posted on 02/03/2010