London has been shortlisted to host the 2015 World Athletics Championships along with two other nations.

The International Association of Athletics Federations received bids from London, Beijing, the host city of the 2008 Olympics and the Polish city of Chorzow. The cities will present their bids in September before the final decision will be made in December.

London’s bid centres on The Olympic Stadium, which is currently being built in Stratford. The new £537million stadium will hold 80,000 for the 2012 Games and has been the focal point of a heated debate as the Olympic Park Legacy Company considers future tenders.

West Ham United has shown considerable interest looking to the venue as a future home to their football team. Yet this announcement could destroy hopes as the successful tender will now certainly have to incorporate a running track.

UK Athletics has constantly bemoaned a football stadium conversion, with Chairman Ed Warner preferring to see the stadium's capacity reduced to 28,000 and for it to be a recognized home for athletics.

Warner had also warned that the Hammers’ interest in the stadium could hinder London's probability of hosting the 2015 event.

The 2011 World Athletics Championships take place in Daegu, South Korea and in 2013 the Russian capital Moscow will host the event.

Posted on 15/03/2010