Stadia Directory is pleased to announce the launch of our new podcast. The show has been produced to complement the website by rounding up all the news of the week and in the first show, a 15 minute special, we’ll also expand on where we are now with things and our future plans for the site.

Future shows are more likely to be nearer to five minutes rather than 15 minutes but we hope our first show gives you a chance to get to know Jon and Chris who are the ones making things happen behind the scenes with the site.

The StadiaTech Podcast is available to download for free now.

A podcast is a digital audio file which you can listen to on your portable MP3 player or via your computer so anyone can listen. If you have never listened to a podcast before why not make the StadiaTech Podcast the first one you try

You can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes just by clicking here.

This may open up a page in your internet browser that serves to open up iTunes and take you directly to the page where you can subscribe. Afterwards you can close the internet browser window when prompted.

You can download the latest version of iTunes from Apple's website or alternatively, you can subscribe via an alternative player to iTunes, or via the RSS feed directly, please use the following URL:

Once you’ve had a listen, please let us know what we think (see an email to because we’re keen to develop the podcast in line with your requirements.

We hope that it will be a useful addition to what we’re trying to achieve with

Posted on 20/03/2010