Japan hopes to convince FIFA it should host the 2022 World Cup by proposing an elaborate high-tech bid.

The nation, which co-hosted the 2002 World Cup, plans to make use of 200 high definition cameras to film matches and transmit across the world to be shown on giant 3D screens.

The Japanese are also considering systems to project 3D representations of players onto empty pitches in other countries so that fans can enjoy a virtual football match.

Microphones will be installed under the pitch at the World Cup to ensure that the whole atmosphere is captured.

Jun Murai, professor at Keio University, said: "You may say the required technology is like a dream and smacks of a sci-fi movie,

"But it is important to see how technology will evolve within 12 years. I think it will be realised or become usable by around 2016."

Football fans will use digital tickets to get into matches and use GPS to find their way around stadiums.

In accordance with the global green trend, Japan also hopes to make use of the energy made by solar panels on the stadium roof and also from spectators, as cheering and stamping which will be used to partly power the communications system.

Posted on 31/05/2010