The O2 Centre has installed a state of the art surveillance system to help monitor security at one of the most popular venues in UK.

The venue instructed Avigilon to deliver a High Definition Surveillance System to monitor traffic at Greenwich Peninsula, a new district in London surrounding the world-class music, sports, and entertainment complex.

The system has also been installed at indigO2, a 2,350 capacity live music venue inside The O2.

Gilbert Yule, facilities management consultant said: "With the new system installed, we are confident that we can achieve full coverage of the entire area surrounding The O2 and capture the image detail required for better overall public security at this world-class venue.

"Using the Avigilon HD Surveillance System, operators can easily manage images to review footage and pinpoint specific details for positive identification," he added.

Operators at The O2 Operational Control Room manage the new system which has HD cameras ranging from 1 to 16 megapixels around the exterior of the venue to monitor high-traffic areas and capture license plate and facial details, and at all entrances at indigO2 to identify incoming ticket holders.

A network video recorder can store up to 31 days of continuous surveillance video and additional workstations were set up at the Greenwich Peninsula Business Centre and the nearby Transport for London building.

Dr. Lou Marciani, director of the National Centre for Spectator Sports Safety and Security at the University of Southern Mississippi, said: "To be truly effective, surveillance video must deliver detailed images that provide the indisputable and primary evidence needed to identify and resolve incidents.

“The Avigilon HD Surveillance System will help improve public safety of this world-class music, sports, and entertainment complex."

The entire system is expandable and can grow as more entertainment and leisure venues are added throughout the development.

Posted on 05/07/2010