Colorado State University has announced $1 million upgrade plans for Moby Arena.

CSU want to install a centre-court scoreboard with four-panel video screens, along with two auxiliary statistics panels at the arena.

The current scoreboards were installed in 1995 and are considered to be out of date when compared with modern sporting venues.

Paul Kowalczyk, CSU athletic director, said: "We are extremely pleased to be able to install this new video scoreboard system.

"It is a significant and long-overdue step for our program."

The project is expected to take two weeks and is scheduled to debut 16 October, when the Rams' volleyball team faces New Mexico.

Volleyball coach, Tom Hilbert, said: "Moby Arena is our house, and in our house we need a big-time TV entertainment system.

"We already had the best home volleyball court in the Mountain West. This makes it even better."

The scoreboards will have the capabilities of showing instant replay, highlights and digital statistics. The auxiliary statistic panels will show player numbers, points and fouls.

Posted on 07/07/2010