Trust Stadium Arena has installed New Zealand’s first based-hinged lighting columns as part of an iconic new floodlighting scheme.

The new lighting system has already been officially tested by the New Zealand All Blacks during a special training session earlier this month.

Simon Wickham, stadium chief executive, said: “The floodlights signify a commitment of the Waitakere City Stadium Trust to develop iconic versatile facilities appropriate for our community.

“It’s great to have a New Zealand first using the latest lighting and construction technology to complete this project on budget and debt free.”

The base hinged masts, designed by Abacus, lower to ground level by use of a hydraulic tool for easy access and ongoing maintenance, ensuring no risk of working at height.

It means there is no need to drive access vehicles over the pitch, which ensures the surface is in top condition for the match.

Abacus’ export director, John Anthony, said: “New Zealand is committed to developing health and safety measures and is introducing, wherever possible, ways of making maintenance safer and easier.

“Our base-hinged masts not only do just that, but also offer a competitive solution since there is no need to provide expensive and ugly fixed ladders to access the masts.

“There is also no need for the repetitive hiring of expensive hydraulic platforms to gain access to a rigid structure.”

Floodlights direct light onto the playing area without overspill or light pollution which was an essential requirement on this project as the stadium is situated within a residential area.

Trust Stadium Arena will be used for the 2011 Rugby World Cup and is set to host the All Blacks, Australia and England.

Posted on 26/07/2010