The University of Michigan will spend $1.8 million to add permanent lights at 109,901-seater Michigan Stadium.

The school's board of regents approved the project Thursday and the new lights are expected to be ready before the Wolverines play Michigan State in December.

Athletic director Dave Brandon said: “The addition of permanent lights will improve the quality of viewing experience for our fans, we take great pride in having the best game day experience in college football, and this will further enhance that position.

"Short-term there will be a cost savings on the rental fee associated with bringing in lights for the Big Chill, and long-term it eliminates the need for lights to be brought in every time we play an afternoon football game."

Last year, school officials showed off a $226 million renovation that added luxury suites and club seats, but these improvements did not include lighting.

Michigan Stadium has been using temporary floodlights for games up until now.

Posted on 18/09/2010