Qatar’s successful 2022 World Cup bid was aided by a 500-seater demonstration stadium, which showcased innovative green technologies.

The Showcase Stadium was used to show FIFA and the world that a hot summer climate is not a barrier for hosting global events.

Photovoltaic panels on the stadium roof convert solar energy into electricity which is used to air-condition the arena by using an under-seat supply.

The solar heat collectors have a series of motorised mirrors that track the sun, focusing the sun’s power onto collecting tubes.

A Qatar 2022 spokesman said: "Once collected, the energy will be turned into electricity to supply lighting, power and other functions within the venue.

"This cools the seating area and flows down to create cooling for the players. Importantly, the surfaces of the Showcase are designed to remain cool throughout the match to help to stabilise the heat gains from lights and people."

The maximum temperatures are below guidelines set by the FIFA medical committee to avoid players suffering significant heat stress and also beat the ASHRAE comfort standards for spectators.

During the FIFA inspection team visit, the outside temperature reached 44C but the temperature on the pitch was recorded as 23C showing the true potential of the technology.

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Posted on 02/01/2011