Grand Valley State University has commenced work on a $5 million renovation and expansion project of their home in Michigan.

The work at Lubbers Stadium is expected to take two years to complete and will add an extra 2,000 seats, increasing capacity to 10,700. A new artificial playing surface along with concession stands and toilets will also be installed.

"No question, Laker football is prime entertainment on a Saturday night in West Michigan," said Tim Selgo Grand Valley State athletic director. "I’m certain there are folks out there who have been reluctant to come out because they know what we’ve averaged in attendance and what we seat. Now, we’ll have more seating for them.

"The demand has been there for quite a while," he said. "We get great student support at games and we’ve never had enough seating for them."

Grand Valley State wants to add changing rooms for visiting teams and officials and rebuild a new press box structure. This stage of the project is estimated to cost around $12 million and will require a more public fund raising campaign.

"When you’re an athletic director, facilities improvements never end. Just when you think you’ve got something done, more needs come around and that will be the case with this," added Selgo. "We’ll just have to be persistent and stick with it. I’m confident we’ll get it done."

Posted on 17/06/2011