Crystal Palace Football Club has announced ambitious plans of a return to their original home at Crystal Palace park.

The project would provide a 40,000-seater stadium, new indoor aquatic centre, reconfigured indoor sports structure and a new community sports facility. Steve Parish, club co-chairman, said: "We’re delighted to put forward our plans to return the club home to where it all began."

Crystal Palace is a unique place, one of the highest points in London, a point where five South London boroughs collide and the home of the club. It also holds a special place in English football, hosting the first cup finals and early England Internationals.

"We believe a stadium at Crystal Palace park can help create a bright new future for the club as well as helping it to breathe new life into both the sports centre and the park," Parish added.

The plans hope to reduce running costs and offer a wider range of community and elite athletic sports.

Check out the latest images of the stadium on the club website.

Posted on 20/01/2011