Liverpool Football Club’s new owners, Fenway Sports Group, have been urged to announce any future stadium plans by local residents.

The community surrounding the iconic Anfield want to know what the future holds for their neighbourhood as no official decision has been announced. Original plans for a new stadium were first revealed by the club’s previous owners but never materialised due to lack of available funding.

Ros Groves, chairman of the Anfield and Breckfield Physical Regeneration Group, told the BBC: "What I would like is if they could just come out and tell us what’s going on. We just need to be kept informed over and above by the media - we just need to be kept in the loop."

In December, Liverpool co-owner and chairman, Tom Werner said: "We're hard at it, we've had a lot of meetings and we are moving forward with various options. It's too early to go in one direction or another in terms of whether or not to build a new stadium or refurbish Anfield, but we are making progress."

As part of Liverpool’s growth – either whilst staying at Anfield or with a new stadium – the nearby area would be redeveloped, with money invested into the local community, transport links and facilities for residents. John Henry and Fenway Sports Group are still considering all stadium options, and have previously stated they will do what the fans want.

Posted on 20/03/2011