UEFA President Michel Platini has given encouraging words to Ukraine as the nation is set to co-host Europe’s finest football talents next summer at Euro 2012.

Platini and UEFA officials visited all four of the country's host cities during a two-day whistle-stop tour to check on the overall progress. UEFA first visited Lviv, the westernmost Ukrainian host city, and also took in the new terminal at Lviv Airport before checking out the city's new stadium.

"I am excited to be in Lviv again," said the UEFA President. "I can see significant improvements. The local authorities have done a great job here."

Next up was Donetsk, to observe construction work at the airport, which includes a new air traffic control tower. The party then toured the Donbass Arena and met local dignitaries. "I might visit Donetsk as a tourist after the European Championship, as Ukraine and Poland are making every effort to update their infrastructure, and for sure I will be here for the semi-final," said Platini.

The delegation visited Kharkiv to open Kharkiv Airport's new VIP facilities before inspecting the soon-to-be-opened temporary terminals that will operate for the 2012 tournament. "Kharkiv is the third city I have visited today," said Mr Platini.

"I do not see any big problems in Kharkiv relating to EURO preparations. There are minor ones that will be solved. The city's airport is fine, the stadium is great. Transport is a point on the list that needs a little bit more focus."

Officials then inspected the Kyiv Olympic Stadium, which will stage the EURO 2012 final, and Platini was pleased with what he saw: "I have just walked onto the pitch and scored a goal. I am very happy as this means the arena is almost complete. We see great progress with the infrastructure, stadiums.

"There are still some minor problems [in each host city] but together we will cope with them. At the next meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee I will tell the members that Ukraine is doing fine with the preparations," he added.

With less than 10 months to Euro 2012 it appears Ukraine are in a strong position to deliver on their original bid process.

Posted on 27/09/2011