The ANZ Stadium in Sydney has received a setback on the eve of announcing its receipt of government funding.

It was confirmed this week that Australian Rules outfit Sydney Swans, who play their home games at the ANZ, will move across town to the Sydney Cricket Ground from 2017.

The announcement comes as a setback for the venue, who are to confirm that the New South Wales government will assist in their bid to revamp the ANZ arena.

The facility is due to have a retractable roof installed, as well as state-of-the-art lighting systems to make the stadium appear full when not at capacity.

ANZ officials wanted $250million of assistance from the government for its $350million project, but reports suggest the amount they receive will be just below that figure, as authorities prepare to inject $600million into Sydney's major sporting venues.

Sydney Swans chairman Andrew Pridham said: "If we can fill this venue to capacity, the atmosphere this creates to fan experience is unbelievable.

"That then drives membership going forward. We're very, very comfortable with the size of this stadium. The trend globally is for stadiums this size as opposed to larger stadiums."

Posted on 25/11/2014