Bristol City have become the first UK football club to install safe standing rail seats at their stadium.

The League 1 club aims to develop Ashton Gate from this summer and may include the rail seating, which has been pioneered in Germany, in two of their stands.

They have already installed a demonstration block at their stadium as an example of its benefits.

The areas will initially only be used for Bristol Rugby matches as they are not yet allowed to be used for football games.

However, The Football League has agreed to lobby the Government for a change in the rules to permit safe standing areas at football matches.

The club's chief executive Doug Harman said: "We've received feedback from our supporters, who are keen for the option of safe standing, and with the proposed redevelopment of Ashton Gate and Bristol Rugby's move to the stadium this summer, it seems to be the right time to explore this further."

Posted on 12/02/2014