The redevelopment of Casement Park in Belfast has been cast into doubt after a High Court judge ruled the planning permission decision ‘unlawful’.

Mr Justice Horner told a Belfast High Court that granting the plans was "inadequate and unlawful", but did not stop work from going ahead.

The stadium will be expanded from its 32,600 capacity to 38,000 seats, and will be key to Ireland's bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

Early suggestions from authorities were that the venue would need to downsize on its existing capacity, but plans to extend on it have been approved.

High Court judge Horner said: "The department [of environment] was wrong legally and factually to make the decision.

"There was no cogent evidence that it [Casement Park] was ever going to play host to crowds of 20,000 in the future never mind one of 32,600."

Posted on 15/12/2014