Plans to extend Belfast's Casement Park have stalled after a dispute over the new capacity.

The venue, mostly used for sports such as Gaelic football and hurling, was set to be extended from its 32,600 capacity, to a 38,000-seater stadium.

Lawyers for a residents group seeking to block proposals have argued that the scale of the project is too large, suggesting Casement Park should downsize to 20-25,000 seats.

Other issues surrounding the development of the site such as reduced lighting for nearby homes and possible ground contamination have also seen plans hit a stumbling block.

Mooreland and Owenvarragh Residents Association QC David Scoffield said: "It's far in excess of anything that's been achieved in the stadium for decades.

"There seems to be an acceptance at present that the stadium can't operate at a capacity which is being used as the baseline."

Posted on 16/09/2014