We'd like to say a big thank you to everyone listed below, who have assisted us in making Stadia Directory the number one online resource for news and information about world stadia:

Chris Rivett (Northampton Town)

Dean Bavister (Newcastle United)

Stuart Young (Middlesbrough)

Jon Clutton (Chelsea)

Andy Martyn (Northampton Town)

Gareth Davis (Derby County)

Matt Hudson (Colchester United)

Joe Dent (Peterborough United)

Chris Tanner (Swindon Town)

Mick Cunningham (AFC Bournemouth)

Ryan Percival (Northampton Town)

Tom Young (AFC Rushden & Diamonds)

Bobby Spick (Northampton Town)

Chris Marriott (Northampton Town)

George Kelly (Shamrock Rovers)

Thomson Mwango

Ku Akeredolu (Hinckley United)

Susan Nash (Liverpool)

Ben Bruce (Nuneaton Town)

Rob Lilley (Newcastle United)

Kieran Intemann (South Carolina)

Contributors are listed in the order in which they first helped out and the club in brackets represents the club that they support.

If you are at a stadium in the near future which we haven't got an image and/or video of, please get involved and send them through. For photos, a picture of a stand or the pitch will suffice. For videos, we just need a pan from left to right, or right to left, of where you're sat. It doesn't need to be more than a few seconds long and mobile phone quality is fine.

Send your photos through to and videos through to for inclusion.

Once we have uploaded your content we will add your name to the list above, as well as the club you support.