A spectator fell to his death during a pre-season Houston Texans game.

Jonathon Kelly, a 25-year old Houston native, fell around 60 feet from a fifth floor escalator at the Reliant Stadium on Thursday night. Two medical teams treated Kelly at the scene before he was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, where he later died.

The general manager of SMG-Reliant Park Mark Miller has said staff monitor fan safety at each escalator landing: "We make sure they [the escalators] are not overloaded and we try to operate them in the safest possible manner."

Texans President Jamey Rootes later indicated changes to the security and safety was unlikely as a result of the accident.

Roots said: "We have our procedures in place, the league has a whole comprehensive set of best practices relative to fan behaviour and stadium security. We've always been rated at the very highest level. I don't know that anything changes."

The police have since stated the fall appeared to be an accident.

Posted on 31/08/2012