The Minnesota Vikings' possible new stadium may be halted by Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton who had helped push the plans earlier this year.

The $870 million new stadium is in jeopardy as, in a letter to Vikings ownership, Dayton has suggested he will abrogate the deal if the Vikings look to pass on costs to season-ticket holders.

Dayton wrote in his letter: “The project's strong support came from many regular Minnesotans, not just rich Minnesotans, because they believed the Vikings are also their team.

“If a new stadium were to betray that trust, it would be better that it not be built.”

Dayton doesn't believe fans should help the team finance its portion of stadium cost through personal seat licenses.

“I strongly oppose shifting any part of the team’s responsibility for those costs onto Minnesota Vikings fans," he added.

“The private contribution is your responsibility, not theirs. I said this new stadium would be a ‘People’s Stadium,’ not a ‘Rich People’s Stadium.’ I meant it then, and I mean it now.”

If the move does not go ahead the team with either stay in the 64,111-seater Metrodome or be relocated, with Los Angeles being the likely destination.

Posted on 14/11/2012