Miami have rejected the Dolphins' request for public finances to help improve their Sun Life Stadium.

Miami lawmakers ended a 60-day legislative session without coming to an agreement over funding renovations to the stadium, which without upgrades is unlikely to host future Super Bowls. 

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross followed the announcement by condemning Florida house speaker Will Weatherford, accusing him of dishonesty. Weatherford had rejected the pleas of lawmakers to consider a last-minute amended version of a bill to finance the planned improvements to the stadium. 

Ross said: “He put politics before the people and the 4,000 jobs this project would have created for Miami Dade, and that is just wrong.” 

The rejection of the bill had immediate implications for both the Dolphins and across Florida.

A vote which would have been held on May 14th for Miami-Dade County voters to give the referendum a thumbs up or down has been scrapped, at a cost to the Dolphins themselves. 

Ongoing renovations to the stadium have also been immediately halted and the team says it has no plans to invest its own money into the 26-year-old facility. 

“We cannot do this without a private-public partnership,” said team CEO Mike Dee. 

Possible explanations for the rejection may stem from Miami still reeling from its funding of the Marlins’ new ballpark, which has failed to attract significant attendance increases, along with the Dolphins still reportedly being in $230 million of debt from the last round of upgrades to Sun Life Stadium.

Posted on 07/05/2013