Planning permission has been granted for the Newmarket Stadium in Wakefield following an application process spanning over two years.

The future home of the Wakefield Trinity Wildcats ruby league team had been granted permission in 2010 but a planning inquiry was launched due to Leeds City Council opposing the decision.

The resulting Local Development Framework report, released in June 2012, addressed the council's concerns, freeing the proposed site - the 12,000 capacity stadium is to be built on the former Silkstone Colliery location - from greenbelt status and rejecting claims the stadium would blur district boundaries.

Having received the report, and supplementary information requested as a result, fully approved planning permission for the development was announced last month by the Secretary of State.

The stadium is scheduled to be ready in time for the Wildcats' 2015 season and will be owned by the Wakefield and District Community Trust, also providing sporting facilities for the region.

Posted on 10/01/2013