A group of Seattle Seahawks fans will attempt to set a new world record on 15th September.

The group, who call themselves Volume 12 , are hoping to set the record for the loudest stadium. The current record has stood for over two years, having been set at a the Ali Sami Yen Stadium in Turkey.

The Seahawks fans will attempt to break the record in their first home game of the new season against the San Francisco 49ers.

Joe Tafoya is the man organising the record attempt, having played for the Seahawks in the 2005-06 season and he said: "It occurred to me late one night, like at three in the morning, that there was an opportunity to do something really cool by breaking the world record."

The fans will have to break the 132 decibels is their attempt is to be successful.

Posted on 11/07/2013