Scunthorpe United could include standing areas in their new stadium.

The Iron released computerised images of their proposed new ground last week and original plans were for it to be an all-seater stadium.

Club chairman Peter Swann would welcome standing areas at their new stadium, however, but only if it is approved by The Football League.

Terraces are allowed in League 1 and 2 but Championship grounds must be all-seater after a club has played in the division for three seasons.

Swann said: "If standing is not allowed in the Championship, there is no point in us putting it in because it’s going to cost us hundreds of thousands of pounds to change.

"It isn’t a lot to take seats out though, so if we end up putting 12,000 seats in and we get to the Championship and all of a sudden we’re told we can put safe standing in, we’ll do that.

"That isn’t a problem for me, we’ll do whatever we can to make it a great experience for the fans and standing is a great experience."

The club currently plays at Glanford Park.

Posted on 07/01/2014