The design for the new Olympic Stadium being built for the Tokyo 2020 Games has been changed due to cuts.

Earlier this week, Zaha Hadid Architects confirmed the plans for the 80,000-seater stadium would be adapted after protests over costs.

In November 2013, sports minister Hakubun Shimomura told Japanese parliament the 300 billion yen (£1.8bn) was too big a budget for the construction.

Opponents to the original design said it would be “too big” in relation to its surroundings. 

New images show a significant change in the structure of the venue, with simplifications to the walkway that surrounds the building. 

A Zaha Hadid spokesman said: “Lightweight, tensile fabric between the stadium's structure significantly reduces the weight and materials of the roof, giving the stadium even greater flexibility as both an outdoor and indoor venue.”

Posted on 11/07/2014